A new name, but not a new company

Ashford Fibre may be a new name to you, but we are not a new company.  Our parent company, Network 79 Ltd, has been providing IT solutions including connectivity for over 17 years.

We started in 2004, offering basic ADSL broadband and hosting services in conjunction with our IT support services.

In 2012, in response to rural customers requiring a better broadband connection than could be provided through traditional means, the first segments of our privately owned “Wireless To The Premises” network went live, providing speeds that were 15-20x faster than possible over the copper phone lines in the area.   This network has evolved over the years and in many local places where a normal telephone line struggles to provide 1Mbps we have been achieving speeds of up to 70Mbps.

With the move to full fibre solutions rolling out across the country, in 2020 we decided that a more consumer-friendly brand is needed to extend our services to local residents.  The company (and billing) is still Network 79 Ltd, but the service of Ashford Fibre was born

We realise that our prices may not be the cheapest, but hope that our local support and local origins outweigh the slight additional cost. We’re proud to be down the road and not a faceless call centre.


Why Choose Ashford Fibre?

17 Years Experience

Full Fibre Solutions

Local support and origins